This site contains over 10,000 Smashing Pumpkins related photographs. We hope to build a comprehensive pictures archive to preserve and showcase the band’s rich history. The archive is dedicated to capturing the essence of past and current members. We are currently in the process of building a database of Smashing Pumpkins interviews. We are also documenting current news and the band’s world tour in promotion of their latest album Oceania.
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There are archives for Smashing Pumpkins related pictures and interviews. We are also documenting the latest tour and album. Within the archives, there are band pictures, video stills, behind the scenes information, album artwork scans, music equipment, transcripts, magazine scans, video interviews and setlists.


Our news section focuses on in-depth coverage of the band. We also post editorials, interviews and music reviews. The news section has its own RSS feed here. We are always recruiting dedicated and passionate fans to join as contributing writers and researchers. Please contact us at admin@bystarlight.org or via this form if you are interested.


In this section, we are currently covering Nicole Fiorentino’s side project with The Cold and Lovely which is an all-women alternative rock band. We are also documenting Mike Byrne’s side project in Bearcubbin’! which is predominantly instrumental math rock.


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