Understanding How To Play Online Bingo

March 30, 2016

bingoHow you can play 90 ball bingo games

90-ball bingo uses a card or ticket using a 9 x 3 grid of numbers. Each ticket forms part of a group of six tickets called a strip. There are 90 numbers in a full strip; each number from 1-90 appears across the tickets. Buying a strip guarantees you’ll match every call to an amount, although it is up to you whether you buy tickets independently or as a strip! Want to find out more?

Buying New Tickets

Once you have selected the game you want to play, you will be taken to the game room. The maximum and minimum variety of tickets you can purchase varies from game to game, but you could generally start a match with 2 or just 1 tickets!

Tickets can be bought by you manually or automatically. Of course, some players are going to have their lucky numbers or superstitions, but it is totally up to you that which you get. Don’t forget, even when it’s a free game you will still need to ‘buy’ your tickets; it is that the tickets don’t cost you a cent!

Be sure to purchase in time ahead of when the game starts, once you have chosen your tickets! There’ll be a countdown somewhere on your screen and when your sound’s turned on you’ll probably get a reminder by the caller.

Bingo is frequently as cheap or expensive as you need it to be, determined by which games you decide on, how often you play and just how many tickets you purchase. And, of course, how lucky you’re! You’ll need to register your payment details with all the website and probably produce a down payment also, to be eligible for the biggest prizes accessible. However, there are lots of free bingo games out there and sites offering bonus money to spend without down payment required.

To make a deposit, you will need to fill in your credit or debit card details. Some websites also take PayPal or other online payment systems, which will save you the hassle of entering your personal bank details every time. It’s also a much safer way than playing with a credit card.

Tickets for games typically only cost 5p or 10p to buy, and you will discover there’s plenty of choice available. Most websites also offer to double or even triple deposits so that you might find yourself having a sizeable playing funds without spending a huge amount. You may manage to purchase tickets using your free bonus cash without parting with any money, this can be done by a no deposit offer.

How can online bingo jackpots work?

Jackpots are progressive or are either guaranteed. Some sites offer games with minimum guaranteed jackpots or have weekly evening matches with big promised prizes to draw more players. However, most jackpots rely on the amount of people playing and the cost of the tickets.

Eyes Down – Get started playing

Once the countdown stops, it is time for the game to begin. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your numbers to come up! The application will automatically highlight your numbers as they are called and even let you know how many balls you have to go (e.g. 3tg, 2tg) until you are a winner! Most sites also have a characteristic which automatically transfers your best card to the top every time a matching ball is called so that you can simply keep tabs on your own tickets, leaving you to watch the game or enjoy a chat with the other players.

You may choose to switch the ‘auto dab’ feature away, so as they have been named like you would in a traditional bingo hall, you can mark amounts. There is no risk in doing this; your numbers will be counted mechanically so you won’t miss out on a prize, should you lose track.

Most games have their own chat room having a designated chat screen (CM). If you’ve got any questions, there’s always someone happy to assist. You will make new friends very quickly!

No Deposit Bingo

June 5, 2015

In total, there are literally hundreds of different no deposit bingo sites, all promising you free cash, without having to put up any of your own. But how trustworthy are these sites? Which are the best? And what sites need to be given a closer level of scrutiny? Good questions my friend! And in the following article I will try and review and rate the top no deposit sites in the industry.

Buttercup Bingo

By far my favourite no deposit site out there is Buttercup Bingo. They provide you with £15 free bingo money, no deposit required, as soon as you create an account. Full details can be found on the official site.

Some things you need to know:

Betway Bingo

Betway is one of the newer no deposit sites in the industry, launched recently in July 2014. The site gives you £15 free cash, but unlike the former site, no card details are needed to claim your money.

Like other no deposit sites, you need to make a deposit to cash out your winnings, plus you also need to meet some wagering requirements. If you do decide to trump up some cash, you will receive a 500% first deposit bonus and 50 extra free spins for your troubles, not bad. Aside from that, Betway uses the Microgaming platform, which has some very impressive jackpots of over £1 million pounds, which is a potentially life changing pay day.

Angry Bingo

Again, Angry Bingo is another new bingo site (like Buttercup and Betway) and provides you £5 of free playable funds to try out on the site. One area where Angry excels is in the free games department, with many free games for real cash prizes starting every couple of minutes, it really is all to play for.

The jackpots are also not too bad, with several kicking off each day and prizes of £1000 to be won, it really is a rewarding little site.

Moral Of The Story

Remember, not all sites are created the same. Here are some tips for playing bingo safely and not getting caught out.

Comparing Different Online Bingo Networks

If you are new to the world of online bingo, you won’t be fully aware that there are number of different bingo networks that dominate the industry. The most popular ones include Cassava/Dragonfish, Virtue Fusion, Live Bingo Network and the 15 Network. Each network is different (obviously), with different software, different appearances and different websites in general. In the following article I will be weighing up the pros and cons from each network and giving you an opinion of where the best place to play is. So without wasting any of your time, lets get started shall we!

Virtue Fusion

Virtue Fusion is probably the largest network in terms of overall number of players. The main reason for this is that a number of leading sites like Mecca, Gala, Sky and William Hill all use this network. If you wan’t to find out all the brands on the network, it might be best if you check out a complete listing of sites on the network. As you can imagine, with such market leaders choosing to utilize Virtue Fusion software, they must be pretty good. And they are!

The biggest selling point about Virtue Fusion is the fact that their prize pots are without a doubt the biggest in the industry. It’s really not uncommon to see jackpots over £100 from a penny bingo game, which in all honesty, is pretty good. Imagine taking a small 10p punt on a game, buying 10 1p bingo tickets, then scooping a £100 prize for a full house! Pretty damn good right?!

Other features that set VF apart from the alternatives include a (new) mobile bingo app, details regarding a number of these sites can be found here.


One of the other popular networks is Cassava. Leading Cassava sites uses Dragonfish bingo software, but they themselves provide the payment processing for each site. In total you will find over 100 sites on the network, each designed slightly differently. However, most of them are pretty uniform other than the cosmetics, offering similar deals and bonuses to each player.

Unlike a few Virtue Fusion sites, Cassava sites don’t frequently provide no deposit offers to players, which is disappointing. If you take Sky Bingo for example, they provide players with a £20 free no deposit required bonus, which really can’t be matched by many Cassava sites. Likewise, if you compare it to independent sites like say Buttercup Bingo, which offers £15 free bingo no deposit needed, it really does put to shame a number of the less popular Cassava sites.

Independent Sites

Something also worth considering is checking out some independent sites. Independent sites don’t run on a network, but are some of the best around. Take Tombola for instance, its the largest and most popular site in the industry, plus it runs 100% on it’s own software. Another great alternative is Kitty Bingo, which again, has it’s own software, unique bingo and slots games, plus plenty of fun promotions. Most unique sites offer something you won’t find elsewhere, and as such, are always worth considering.


When you add everything up, there really isn’t a clear winner. What makes matters even more confusing is that many different sites have lots of different deals. Each deal increases or decreases the value the player will receive, as such, you can never truly know what the best site is to sign up to.

That said, it’s always useful to follow a guide like the one at Onlinebingo-place.com, which gives you info on new sites, no deposit deals and all the latest happenings in the online bingo industry.

For all intensive purposes, the best action is to try out a number of sites, make sure you make a small deposit at first, use this cash too claim the welcome freebie (which sites typically don’t make any money on) and then decide if you want to play some more.

Online Bingo Deposit Methods

When choosing an online bingo site, I am sure you know by now that all bingo sites are not created equally. Some sites are a bit shady, others are licensed in weird jurisdictions that no one knows about, and others accept a wide variety of deposit methods.

In the following post I will be talking about the various ways in which you can fund your bingo account, tips for safety and my list of things you need to avoid. Lets get started!

Bingo E-wallet Services

There are plenty of e-wallet services that you can use to fund a bingo account. A few of the most popular e-wallets include PayPal, UKash, Neteller and Moneybookers.

Personally, I find PayPal bingo sites to be the most reputable, closely followed by UKash.

The biggest benefit to using e-wallet sites is that it’s an intermediary barrier between you and a potentially unscrupulous operator. For example, let’s say you have £1000 in your Neteller account. Neteller have been round a long time and have as such established a certain level of trust and credibility. Instead of transferring all of your money on to a bingo site you can keep a large portion in your Neteller and transfer bits of cash over as and when you need to use it. The main benefit of doing this is that if the bingo site goes bust, you don’t lose your money, this of course is a great thing.

PayPal Bingo Sites

Personally, I am a huge fan of bingo sites that take PayPal payments. The biggest reason for such a strong approval is because, first of all, PayPal is an accepted method of deposit on a huge amount of online bingo sites. For example, leading Dragonfish names like Costa Bingo, Butterfly Bingo and 32Red Bingo all allow you to play bingo by depositing through your PayPal account.

Playing Within Your Means

The most important thing to remember though is to always keep a certain amount set aside for playing bingo and to stick to that amount. If for any reason you feel like bingo is getting a bit too much and you have a bit of trouble stopping, make sure you check out GambleAware for help.

Trustworthy Bingo Reviews

When deciding where to play, as well as looking at the various deposit and payment methods, it’s also incredibly important to make sure you get information from a brand that you trust. In short, there are a lot of bad review sites out there who don’t really tell you how it is.